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Money Talks - DVD

DVD : Money Talks
starring: Chris Tucker, Charlie Sheen
directed by: Brett Ratner

This formulaic 1997 comedy becomes needlessly complicated at points but feeds off the high energy of Chris Tucker (The Fifth Element, Rush Hour). Tucker plays a two-bit con man, Franklin Hatchett, framed for the prison breakout of a ruthless criminal. Hunted by both the police and the bad guys, Hatchett finds his only hope in a smarmy, self-serving television reporter played by the perfectly cast Charlie Sheen (Platoon), who agrees to protect the nervous, hapless patsy only to further his own career.

--Robert Lane

TV newsman Sheen stumbles into a big story involving fugitive Tucker, and is forced to palm off the hustler as a longtime friend to fiancée Locklear and her rich parents. Surprise box-office success is familiar and lightweight, but has one genuine spark of whimsy: Tucker's phony masquerade as ``Vic Damone, Jr. ,'' brought on by the movie's amusingly concocted TV ad for an album of Vic Sr. 's hit recordings.  more info...

--Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide

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   Money Talks - DVD: This formulaic 1997 comedy becomes needlessly complicated at points.