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Magazines : BusinessWeek
 : BusinessWeek
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Availability: Usually ships in 4 to 6 weeks
First Issue Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
Issues Per Year: 51
Magazine Type: Consumer magazine
Number Of Issues: 51
Publisher: BusinessWeek
Sales Rank: 66
Subscription Length: 365 days

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Customer Reviews
Average Rating:  out of 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - An excellent periodical
I've been a BW subscriber for 8 years now, and if the magazine stays as good as it currently is, I see at least 60 more years of subscription.

BW is a very well balanced magazine focusing mainly on business trends and headline news. A majority of their articles are extremely informative, well written, and objective. If there is an opinion piece, it is clearly stated as "Commentary". I enjoy the "Economic Viewpoint" where it alternates between right and left wing economists (Hubbard ... Read More

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Business Week does not have a liberal agenda
I have subscribed to Business week for two years now. I suggest that people accusing them of having a liberal agenda reread their past issues. Bush was receiving criticism for not being Republican enough! His deficit spending is the most clear example. Other fiscal conservatives, such as George Will, have criticized the President. Does that mean they are following a liberal agenda? I think not.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars - Has definitely changed it's business focus
I have been a reader of BusinessWeek for over 10 years. I have noticed that it has had a significant change in focus over the last year. While there are more articles on "Personal Business", the hard-core articles have gone the way of Newsweek, and U.S. News and World reports. The nature of the articles are lightweight and do not reflect issues important to decision makers today.

Like many others, I have noticed a political slant or agenda over the last year. Specifically, their commentaries ... Read More

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - A neutral, well balanced magazine for real businessperson
Having been a BW subscriber for more than two years, I found BW is one of the best business magazines in the US.

It is funny to see some readers accused BW to be biased. Granted, BW criticized many policies of current administration, because they were against long-term growth of the economy. Some of them were pure political manipulations such as steel tariff, those policies will do no one's good.

Business is business, for those party-faithfuls who spring to defense anytime their party ... Read More

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Surprisingly good read
Loving business news, I recently started a subscription to BW. For a business magazine, it's objective/centrist and not as "stuffy" a read as the Economist. It's also more timely than Fortune (the best written biz magazine), yet more laidback than having to read the WSJournal every day. I also dig the more inviting recent redesign--it makes it easier to read. And, I also appreciate the way they package a lot of their stories as News: Analysis or News:Commentary...hey, at least they're being honest! Plus, their international ... Read More

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